A timeless creature wanders through plains of uncharted land

searching for broken souls in a world he can’t understand,

with no maps to guide him but the smell of pain and despair

as he makes his way around the sounds of the lord’s prayer-


Voices asking for forgiveness and looking for the salvation

that no longer exist in a world condemned to damnation,

but the prayers almost silenced and nearly forgotten

attracts him with a smell of hopes now dead and rotten.


He gathers the ones that dwell near the edge of insanity

and hold them under his wings to save their humanity,

lovingly keeping them safe for a moment in their time

and protecting them in a gesture beautiful and sublime.


Tears shed for the ones that too late for their salvation

forever dropped in the abyss in an act of desperation,

but his wings holding a few with much passion and tending

prepares for the hard task of the wounded souls mending-


Now no longer standing to see so much suffering and pain

he drops both of his wings looking up with much disdain,

and remains close to the ones that reminds him of his fate,

a timeless creature searching for the reasons to have faith-

H.O. May 30, 2013


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