Memories follow you wrapped in a blanket of pain

that you would rather forget and leave behind.

Your lips with a smile offer no apologies

as you walk among those that give their lives in vain

for a moment of pleasure, not  knowing the etiologies

that caused such suffering to encrust in your mind.


Dragging your chains behind, faking every move

as to appear sane since sanity is to be desired

by those who are blind for your cause to survive-

I see ghosts of torturing hands seeking to prove

that your insanity was caused by your drive

for a sweet drug and not things that transpired.


But we know of crimes committed in the night,

of pain caused by faked intentions to provide

love and care openly received in your weakness,

in a moment of despair giving in without a fight-

We know of how faking protects your uniqueness

from those wanting to take it away as they tried.


To forget for a moment, to finally make a connection

with something that may set your mind ablaze

without pain and a moment of sanity restored

as you succumb to the sweetness of the craze-

But short lived, as now reality you must face

and merciless the anguish and pain is even more.

In the midst of all you cling to hope without direction,

as the chains become unbearable to drag anymore.

H.O. 11/14/12


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