Time has left traces in your saddened face-

Hidden behind your smile untold stories of abuse and pain

silently scream for my helping hand which I freely offer.

But to bring you back from wherever was that place

that you went seeking for unknown answers in vain

and swallowing illicit promises as I see you suffer.


Looking into the blueness of your cloudy eyes

I wonder of the unspeakable acts you may have committed

in search for the ultimate relief from your pain.

Who listens to your heart in places where no one cries?

Of these places we speak in quiet rooms when is permitted

and disguise all the expressions as to appear sane.


I wonder many things that I don’t dare ask

for fear of knowing too much about your realities.

But asking is my trade and I must know what darkness

holds you back and make you wear that mask.

And questions are finally formed about your fallacies

and the reasons for seeking the artificial blackness.


But your eyes shifting away from my questions

already tell me that this battle was lost,

as pain forms in a tear that your fingers quickly wipe away.

I can see the sadness form and in your expressions,

the seeking becomes everything at whatever cost.

“Maybe another time”- you answered with dismay,

and put on the mask that protects you from being lost,

as you walk away…


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