To be forgotten,

a lost soul forever cursed,

discarded leftover of humanity.

Dreams left out and rotten

guided by the insanity

of unquenchable thirst.


Adrift in the midst of all

your direction set

by the persistent crave

that will make you fall,

and will make you a slave

as you pay your debt.


A ghost like man,

blind eyes turn away,

walking past cannot see

the traces of life that began

with just wanting to be,

or just wanting to pray

to be finally free.


H.O. August 23, 2013

Time’s Way

Time has a way of diluting my dreams

and making my hopes and wishes falter,

as I walk through life with a quiet saunter

time has a way of diluting my dreams.


Time has a way of making me forget

the faces and stories keeping me alive,

as I try in vain all my dreams revive

time has a way of making me forget.

Time has a way of leaving me alone

in the midst of all with no one to hold,

as it all runs out and I’m getting old

time has a way of leaving me alone.


H.O.  1/28/13


Resuscitate my sense of love may take more time

when feelings hide within the walls of a jaded heart,

whatever was that caused my world to come apart

I now sit still and wait for life to give what’s mine.


But how to wait for all the things when I don’t know

the signs that love may send my way when not asleep,

and life as such between my fingers slowly seep

when dreaming of what love for me it may bestow.


No broken hearts shall now condemn me to be alone

but letting go and learn again may take more time,

if now for love through all the pain I am unknown

and resuscitate my sense of love becomes a crime.

H.O. April 1, 2013


There is a spark within pushing to get out,

a slow burn of unaccomplished dreams

restrained by unknown fears and self-doubt

beyond everything in a life of extremes.


A pressure to liberate me from all things

that hold me down too close to reality,

chains tightly binding my flaccid wings

while distressingly facing my mortality.


There is a spark within trying to break loose

and dissolve the ties binding my soul,

an all  burning need to let die or choose

while my crumbling body turns old.


There is a spark within pushing to get out,

hopelessly held captive in a stone redoubt.


H.O. April 11, 2013

Shining Knight

To be your light and show the way on darker nights

and hold your hand against the wind in stormy days,

to pause for you when walking up as fall you might

and help you find within your life the proper ways.


To kiss the pain and heal the wounds inside your heart

and sooth your thoughts In sleepless nights so you may rest,

to push you ahead and watch you close from not too far

and when succeed remind you then that you are the best.


To be the one that stands for you in fearless fight

when standing tall I would become you shining knight.


H.O. May 10, 2013