Hopes and Dreams


Where do we go when the gates are closed

when dreams are too fragile and we are fed reality

and we are told we are fools and we have it wrong-

What can we do with a life imposed

with the empty hands after all is gone

and we never learned to accept a normality.


Where do we go when no longer matters

and we turn away and walk into the abyss

because dreams spent can no longer sustain

and we cut away until all hope shatters.

What can we do when we drown in pain

and without the dreams we just run amiss,

what can we do, when no longer matters.

H.O. 10/9/13


4 thoughts on “Forfeit

  1. I feel like this too…I imagine what used to be lives out its life somewhere beyond my realm. Maybe in deep space or another dimension.

  2. Ar Vhee says:

    sad but a very beautiful piece..

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