There is softness in your words as you comfort me

reaching deep inside these walls made of sadness

created in a moment of such confusing madness

when in between dreams I was meant to be free.


I wish I could in turn provide you with the dreams

and fuel a passion hidden between cold sheets

and white lonely walls empty  with the deceits

of a stable life lacking the emotional extremes.


But sometimes creating our own perfect place

will never fully satisfy the everlasting longing

for a flawless love and a sense of belonging

to somebody’s heart and someone’s embrace.


Now I push you away in my attempts to create

an acceptable reality that will not cause the pain,

without foolish dreams that we love to entertain

and content ourselves without having to escape.


There is softness in your words as I only knew

and I think about it while staring at the wall

in between cold sheets with no passion at all

while letting go of dreams of caressing you.

H.O. 10/13/13


16 thoughts on “Unreality

  1. this one speaks right through my core. i got inspired by this.. 🙂 i think somehow we are on the same boat…or we have the same writing style.. keep them coming… 🙂

  2. hansales1088 says:

    Love this! I could feel the emotion!

  3. graceh13 says:

    This touches me the most! 🙂 Beautiful!

  4. Warm, honest words, Hector. Thanks for sharing.

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