Something Lost

I seem to have lost something on the way,

a spark of hope hidden in words I hastily wrote

trying to capture my essence before it went away.

A new beginning indicative of how my life is so remote

from all the dreams I tightly held in my weaken hands

and all desires dying and crumbling among my wants.


I seem to have lost something on the way,

a touch of happiness in between the pages of a life

that became not what I planned to my dismay,

a new story written with the sweat of my daily strife

to become what I dream and one day leave behind

what caused me to lose the things I may never find.



5 thoughts on “Something Lost

  1. ἇRVℎℰℰ says:

    I can relate and I love this poem especially the 1st stanza..

  2. Hector says:

    I actually agree, but if we view our essence at a specific time in life, then when we move into another “time” we leave it behind, connected to that moment. For me writing allows me to record it and later go back and feel it again. And you are right, nothing is lost juts our focus changes. Thank you for your comments and I did listen to your show for a brief time. Maybe next time I’ll tune in again.

  3. Does our essence really “go away?” Or do we merely sense or view it and its presence within us through different lenses? Maybe things are not actually lost; you’re just choosing to focus elsewhere…

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