room rain


Broken hearts and lost souls,

companions of many I found in my travels

waiting for unknown destinies left somewhere

in books forgotten and old-

Ventures lived in minds slowly unraveled

waking up to empty beds full of despair.

I understand, you see

because they are me

I know well the stories told in whispers

and left abandoned in shameful halls,

wrong decisions exposing blisters

left behind written on walls

of rooms found, more of them

to this lie condemned-

Broken heart and lost soul

I am, or so I’ve been told.



2 thoughts on “Conceal

  1. Kindred spirits are we. This is stunningly beautiful in its truth.

    • Hector says:

      I was thinking about how many of us in these rooms write on these walls about broken hearts and the eternal search for happiness. Yes, kindred spirits. Thank you

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