Who Am I in the eyes of god?

Just another one time forgot,

a drop of water in a bottomless sea

or a grain of sand I will always be.

Who Am I in the course of time?

Just another one in the design

an unknown soul in a vast land

or erased footprints on the sand.



5 thoughts on “Paumé

  1. To which I’d counter… you are a known and loved soul. Absolutely.

  2. frequentneed says:

    I think that each tiny grain of sand is an intricate crucial part of a very complex and magnificent wonder. When one piece is eroded away in entirety it causes a very gentle shift in the life blood of this world. If we could look under a giant microscope that had an unfathomable magnification would be the only time such loss and change could be noticed.
    There is something bigger about us than we even know my friend. ❤

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