I am dusting off another old one. I wrote last year around this time in October. I just realized that I had similar feelings last year as I had this year. Maybe next October I try to be in a better place.


Alone I must-

With dreams hanging in between life and death

already walking past the point of no return

I must pause and catch my breath.

But where do I go, where do I turn?

I seek ghosts to calm my longing for the light

and blindly turn my head towards the sun

but darkness is what’s there instead of life.


Alone I must-

Wrong turns caused me to be lost too many times.

Wasted love spent in keeping hope alive,

confused wishes I had mistaken for mines.

Now hesitantly to this point arrived

not knowing what awaits ahead

as I continue searching  for any signs

of another life I can have instead.


Alone I must-

My body is no longer prepared to house my soul.

Emptiness in my heart with no love to offer

as I surpassed the limitations I hold.

To continue alone is what I may proffer,

to find happiness in another way

and somehow not lose myself as a whole.

Alone again, while I open my eyes to a new day.



4 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Keep your eyes…and your heart open!

  2. graceh13 says:

    Keep on hoping and believing!

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