Broken Vows


Broken Vows

I see the anger reflected in your face,

undefined as our love was at one time

when everything we did appeared fine

before the love and care was replaced.


Was it love what for years we carried?

Everything we understood was unclear

and when silence took hold it did appear

we drifted apart as we stayed married.


One day my living turned to desperation,

I felt trapped and lost without the notion

that anger replaced your lost emotions

and everything else became frustration.


When did we lose what it was promised?

We never thought that our lives would end

with picking out pieces and time misspent

in making out words without being honest.


Walking away I did with much hesitation,

freedom always comes with a price to pay

and all the years together I cannot erase

as I drift more apart in our separation.


Now it’s time to unbind a broken vow,

to separate lives that never meant to be,

never meant to tie what was given free

but messed up in the process somehow.


Maybe one day I’ll regard you dearly

when I see a smile I remember clearly,

maybe one day when we are far away

I’ll remember why I could never stay.



6 thoughts on “Broken Vows

  1. Your site is back not sure what happened. This is a powerful, gut-wrenching, agonizing poem. Your writing is so elegant and there is a wisdom underneath as well wow very impressed with your work

  2. graceh13 says:

    Ouch! So sad. Now I see it clearly and I feel you there man but I like the last verse. It moves me.

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