You are not darkness but misunderstood light

a liberator of flesh binding chains

seeking to emancipate my soul,

you are freedom that becomes my right

as the blood running through my veins.

What’s left disappointments and pains

and what I keep will forever behold

is what I seek in the midst of my fight,

you are the light and not darkness at all.




lost soul 001


You left your pride behind

to carry forth the binding shame,

the guilt that feeds your thirsty mind,

the crave for more,

but not to blame

when lost in life you cannot find

what was before.

We all get lost one day or other

and seek relief

from all the pain,

to just forget or to believe

and not to bother

when our lives are not the same.

And now you try

your broken life to  just restore

and swallow pride,

to try again your soul to bare

so walk ahead and see what’s there.





If I could show myself inside out

you could see the beauty of all

everything hidden and all the love I behold.

If I could hang my feelings around my neck

everyone would see without a doubt

that only my body it’s turning old

and hate or jealousy only a speck

let out to dry in my gentle soul.

If my heart could become crystal clear

it would show  all the empty spaces

left from past lovers and people dear.

If my mind was open for all to see

 it would show remembered faces

and untold stories and hidden pain

or how my life was supposed to be.

But this flesh a cloud over my light

keeping me hidden struggling in vain

 when willing to give up without a fight.





A shot of tequila, maybe two

a borrowed cat next to me, sleepy cat

and an empty house full of ghosts.

Life lacking and that is that

emptiness following too

and nothing is coming back.

Did I mentioned he is not my cat?

Three shots of tequila now

but things don’t seem to improve

and I don’t know how.

At least I have a cat

but wait, that’s not true.

Four shots of tequila, yes four

and I don’t care anymore.



Some memories are better left behind,

to not disturb the settling dust,

to leave confined

in dark recesses of the mind

those things we fear and cannot trust,

those memories will make us blind.


Some memories are better to keep alive,

to bathe in them when feeling sad

to just revive

when feeling anguish and deprived

or missing things we never had,

those memories to keep we strive.





Cold sheets clinging to lonely skin

binding dreams of love together

when loneliness along has been

a reality hiding behind my door-

If alone I am and may be forever

no stranger, alone I was before

and nothing changes anymore.


Hard pillow hiding my dreams

now stained with dried up tears,

but nothing is what it seems

when alone I sleep every night

with my pillow hiding my fears-

If alone I am,  alone I hold tight

hoping at the end I’ll be alright.



There is a time for everything-

Not knowing what burns my soul,

“hang on to the moment!”– I’m told

in my attempts to find anything,

but too many of them passed by

too many times saying goodbye

when none I was able to hold.


There is place for all we are-

Alone may be the answer I seek

but words of company I speak.

Failed attempts to break apart

the emotions shading my eyes,

and someone said- “it’s all lies!”

“You are not alone or unique!”