broken glass


Head spinning, thoughts mixed with wine seem to dance

to the tune of regrets found in the memories now past

silence able to dig them out while I drink the wine fast

in attempts to swallow them all, but they advance

taking hold of my mind as I drown in wasted sorrow,

a moment of my life with no yesterday or tomorrow.


Voices dead to my ears resonate with vivid loudness

and long gone kisses feel fresh on my lips as I drink

faster now, keeping up with life flashing on a blink

of what is to be a moment of dubious soundness.

How they coalesced with the redness in the glass

intoxicated memories and regrets that won’t last.



11 thoughts on “Catalyst

  1. I really enjoy your poetry…So vivid the imagery… I felt the journey.

    • Hector says:

      Thank you, I saw you reading and appreciate you doing that. There are about three poems about a few of my patients that you may enjoy.

  2. ἇRVℎℰℰ says:

    Sad yet Wonderfully written…
    But then a lil bit of alcohol inside you is good sometimes. (o^^.o)

  3. Mixing alcohol with memories is never a good idea for me. I love the line
    And long gone kisses feel fresh on my lips as I drink
    Sums it all up nicely.
    Beautiful. As always, my friend

    • Hector says:

      Wine seems to do that most times, but I still like it. I actually wrote most of the poem last night after a bottle of Red Moscato. Thanks 🙂

      • The poem has such clarity that I’d never guess it was written soon after drinking. I’ve written that way, too, because alcohol unveils the truth sometimes. I’ve also sent that which I had written (while drunk) to the subject of the poems. What. A. Mistake. He didn’t respond. Lesson learned.

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