A shot of tequila, maybe two

a borrowed cat next to me, sleepy cat

and an empty house full of ghosts.

Life lacking and that is that

emptiness following too

and nothing is coming back.

Did I mentioned he is not my cat?

Three shots of tequila now

but things don’t seem to improve

and I don’t know how.

At least I have a cat

but wait, that’s not true.

Four shots of tequila, yes four

and I don’t care anymore.



6 thoughts on “Agave

  1. Drinky, drinky makes things seem fresh, but the truth is still there: loneliness sucks. Another good one, my friend.

  2. graceh13 says:

    It’s a good sign maybe.

  3. graceh13 says:

    BTW, A big hug for Cesar.;)

  4. graceh13 says:

    I sense the humor in it. I’m glad you are having that feeling at last. Not sad poem this time. Another nice write from you.

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