If I could show myself inside out

you could see the beauty of all

everything hidden and all the love I behold.

If I could hang my feelings around my neck

everyone would see without a doubt

that only my body it’s turning old

and hate or jealousy only a speck

let out to dry in my gentle soul.

If my heart could become crystal clear

it would show  all the empty spaces

left from past lovers and people dear.

If my mind was open for all to see

 it would show remembered faces

and untold stories and hidden pain

or how my life was supposed to be.

But this flesh a cloud over my light

keeping me hidden struggling in vain

 when willing to give up without a fight.



10 thoughts on “Transparency

  1. This is sad, but beautiful!

  2. Beautiful and inspirational writing Hector =)

  3. graceh13 says:

    Maybe she was blinded by frustration and confusion. Why give up without a fight? Is she not worth it?

  4. Liza Morales says:

    I appreciate this piece, Hector. Transparency is my daily goal, in spite of past transgressions, mistakes and heartache. Life’s experiences mold and contribute to who we are today, in which I’m in acceptance of. Flaws and all, I’m proud of what God has created in me. 🙂

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