In passing by

I caught a glimpse of life to be

or what should be when my first cry

or my first breath.

I only saw the loving eyes and a warm kiss

and little lies I couldn’t see

when only certainty was death

a vague reflection to dismiss.


We are born the same and death is there

when blindness set with open eyes

choose to believe the truthful lies

when passing by we gasp for air

and with that breath becomes too late

believing lies when It’s our fate.





We are broken souls you and I,

touched by time and left behind

to dwell in pain, to slowly find

a way to hide

the tears and scars

and pick up rocks then call them stars.

We watch the clocks you and I

when we go home and hide alone,

we pray for dawn when nights are long

and say goodbye

to dreams of life we never had

and pray for death

when things are bad,

then hide again and catch our breath.

We love too deep you and I

and feel so strong,

then cry too much for other’s pain

but try in vain

somewhere belong

and when we are wrong

we cry again

until we are strong,

no one to blame

just broken souls you and I.


Art by: Milene Hertug’s Art




Passing moments stuck with memories of lost life

slowly dripping in the nothingness of another day

in brief moments of happiness that refuse to stay.


Silence seeps through cracks unconditionally open

listening for a heartbeat as proof of being alive

enmeshed in others web while unable to decide.


A loss of the extreme emotions captivating my muse

as I become an observer more than being outspoken

dreams of eternal love carelessly dropped and broken.


Mimicking life becomes another way to be forgotten

just letting go of any intents or steer away I refuse

when in the middle of all drifting is what I choose.


This poem was inspired by something I posted back in August. You can find it here-


I’m not me, anyone or someone else,

stranger or strange I’ll be, lost if I may say

a little at times but more at night alone

and then there is me again, not well,

a little sad at times much better today.

Where I’m going I can’t tell

not yet at least until it’s all gone

and my reflections take me back,

to make a connection and I’m done

drifting, yes I like that word to be,

it shows where I am and what I lack

or who I am or not or if I am free

and If I stand where I just fell,

I’m not me, anyone or someone else.