Freedom is a breeze kissing my face, a passing though

of letting go and feel my life drip slowly away,

and between smiles to taste the earth of my own grave.

It is the feel of being complete and not afraid

to enjoy this sense of life bestowed,

the more I have the more I crave.


Freedom are the words I write with care

to lace my love for all the things I cannot keep

and pass along my earthy wants when time its right,

It is the feel of warming dreams and peaceful sleep

to take a chance and try again when I’m prepare,

to see myself within the dark as shining light.





Faces and more faces of seeking love

smiles frozen in a moment of hope

as in hope for eternal, what a lie

as no promises become alive

in such place, it becomes a rope

to hang our dreams thereof.


But to the pixels eyes glued

continue searching for someone

in desperation to rid life of loneliness,

to find a home in our homelessness,

“maybe tomorrow I’ll find the one”-

hanging on to hope and truth eluded.



Sunflower close-up


For what I seek

undefined by human nature,

a drug to my senses awaken by a taste

or a sound of something unique.

What I pursue in haste

is to find an adventure

a language I can’t speak

or something else to face

before my days are done,

for what I seek

is to embrace

everything under the sun.