spiders cobweb


Dangling from a spider thread

silk and strength holding me in place

with galloping emotions carrying me

to the confines of a book unread,

a life that I must embrace

while softly singing my plea.


Not enough to hold me fast

with dripping promises anew

as I wait for a new day to see

another sunrise, oh but at last

the silk will break through

and from all I’ll become free.

H.O. 5/28/2014





Blindness to my beauty deep within my eyes

with my apologetic tongue feeding the lies

I chose to believe while the mirror reflects

my displaced reflection, the unforgiving flesh

that stands on the way of becoming more,

while unable to see what I saw before.

If I learn to accept, will I find my peace?

Will my open eyes help my soul release?

Blindness to my beauty deep within my mind

and in truth or lies the answers I cannot find.



Repent Angel



In giving out light I turned to darkness

digesting a moment with the taste of death

brought forth by the insane desires

that condemn me to burn in the fires

of hell itself, but a witness I am to the theft

of a soul lost in its own madness.


In giving out light I chose to be consumed

by the crippling poison left within my skin

from a relentless instant of committed act,

but in giving out light to keep my soul intact

I become lost in a moment of repented sin

with no way back from the blaze of doom.