For My Veli


Father’s day is coming and like every  year I take time to reflect on being a father and often wonder how my daughter sees me. I love her more than anything in this world and she is my light. Two years ago I wrote this poem for her when she graduated from high school just before her birthday which is October. The pic above was taken a few weeks after she was born. I also posted two more pictures at the end of the poem, one taken when she was so cute and little and the other this year. Her name is Lyzeveli but I used to call her Veli.

For My Veli

As fall approached leaves turning gold

you came into my life.

I was nervous, unsure

about doing this right.

I was crazy for sure,

for thinking, for staying

when I knew of your heartbeat,

and praying

for you and for me.


They said you couldn’t see

when I look in your eyes,

but I was there

with arms stretched trembling with joy.

I was there by your side

waiting to hold you,

getting annoyed

for waiting while you cried.


First hours of life

counting fingers,

one two three

I felt you breathe,

four five

I saw you smile,

six seven

I was in heaven,

eight nine and ten

I count it again.


You gave me hope

and kept me there.

Even the times I almost dared,

without knowing

you brought me back,

you helped me cope.


Now, from dad to father I become

and you still there

holding me fast,

slowly drifting somewhere

to a place I cannot come,

to a place you will call home

while I become the past.


I made peace with this,

to let you go

as you grow,

to call you daughter

with proud lips,

to see you love and suffer

as I did

heart of my heart.

I know you’ll go far

without me at your side,

always watching from far

without knowing that you kept me,

that you saved me,

and it is alright.


As fall approaches leaves turning gold,

you will cross, go even farther.

Can you see now?

a heartbeat, a smile that I love to hold

as you make me proud,

and you call me father.

H.O. May 2012

“For My Veli”




19 thoughts on “For My Veli

  1. This post touches me in ways I can’t express. She is absolutely stunning.
    This moves me so much. I needed to read this.. Thank you for having such beautiful words. I pray my boys will realize how much I love them someday. ❤️

    • Hector says:

      I wrote this for her graduation 🙂 She keeps it framed on the wall in her room. Thank you for exploring deeper in my blog, just be careful, it is full of traps. disappointments and don’t stumble on a few hearts left scattered around 🙂

      • I see why she keeps it framed. It must be so precious to her. I would do the same. Hector, I’ve only come to find you more endearing. Never any disappointments… Promise.. I think we all have a few hearts here and there. Here at my place… It’s my own heart that’s shattered a little everywhere. I think I’m a little melancholy today! Tell me to snap out of it! You’re poem here.. Has helped me snap out of it a bit! Thank you : )

        • Hector says:

          Focus… deep breath……..exhale. Look around the room….pause….look around again and notice every detail….listen to sounds around….separate those sounds and silence everything else but one…close your eyes….deep breath….exhale….open your eyes. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! and you are alive 🙂

          • Hector, who are you? How are you able to make things so much better with your words. I don’t know how you do it but I’m so glad you can do it. Thank you. If I may be honest with you….it’s not me I’m worried about. It’s my boy. ***sigh***
            When did I become an adult?? Where I have to be strong for everyone around me. When I still feel like a kid!? Rant over.. Life is beautiful! ❤️

          • Hector says:

            You worried because you love him but take care of yourself so you can be there for him. Adulthood just have a way of sneaking in without us noticing (age does the same thing) bastards! :-)*

          • I’ve come to love you, you know 🙂
            Thank you!

          • Hector says:

            If my words and wishes can give you peace and make you smile then you can have as many as your heart desires 🙂

          • Ha! Careful what you’re offering me:-)
            Thank you! I’ll leave you with something that I’m very proud of:-) Maybe I’ll make you smile. My boy and I helped raise close to a million dollars for charity. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about that while I’ve been reading your words. Things that I’m proud of 🙂 I’m proud you’re my friend too:-)
            Have a good night! Hope I didn’t keep you up to late 🙂

          • Hector says:

            You should be proud! Such a great accomplishment! I’m also glad I met you in here and that you call me your friend :-)*

  2. Beautiful words. Beautiful daughter. Both, obviously, from your heart, Hector.

  3. Skye says:

    You can see love and joy in her eyes. She is beautiful, Hector. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I pray you have a wonderful Father’s Day, Dear Friend.

  4. ἇRVℎℰℰ says:

    Beautifully written.
    Happy Father’s day Hector 🙂

  5. Desiree G says:

    She is gorgeous!! It is obvious you are a very proud, loving Dad!!! Happy Father’s Day, Hector!!

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