Lou Jacobs 1943 RBBB web sitter costume


There is a line becoming blurred with time

feeding illusions

transforming in delusions

with anything I had and everything I have

but can’t declare mine

and will have to let go.

A life passé not good or bad

just the life I had

and the life I know.


There is a blurred line in my insanity

between wishes and dreams

hiding in a niche of comfort as it seems

and it fits well but it’s not mine,

a mask painted with reality

playing life that won’t last

a fool to the sands of time

a life of je ne sais quoi

but a life at that,

a blurred line just fading fast.

H.O. July 27, 2014


3 thoughts on “Cirque

  1. Patrice says:

    I love what your mind sees.

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