I left him somewhere among regrets and pain-

Sadness has a sweetness that attracts the soul

but creates blindness and there always rain,

sunshine is bright only when we are old

with a life of wisdom and without regrets.


I left him somewhere and where he forgets

getting stuck in memories watered by tears

when a second chance only twice he gets,

but the blindness sets among all the fears

and getting back from there

may not take him here.

H.O. 11/10/14

I was thinking about how we get stuck in our memories and past experiences. How sometimes we stay stuck in those memories, experiences or regrets and keep us from moving on and living life the way we want. We become two, with one stuck in the past while the other smiles and move on. Sometimes coming back fromn that place doesn’t necessarily brings us to a better one.


7 thoughts on “Foregone

  1. words4jp says:

    i am one of these stuck people. i try very hard to look past and let go and then a trigger strikes…i hate it.

  2. I feel the same way…absolutely and completely. I think this stuck feeling also brings about the ‘loneliness’…at least it has in my case ♥

  3. thecurlyblogger says:

    I completely agree. Earlier today I was brushing my cat and somehow my mind wandered so far into the past it was pulling at things I had long forgotten about. It always amazes me with the things it finds and the emotions I still feel about those memories. It does make me feel like a part of my soul is wandering through an old attic of memories dusting off things I had placed there in hopes of never returning to. Almost as though that part of me has somehow forgotten or lost its way in finding the out to join the present me.

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