A Story


A Story


Not a well written story mine has been

full of exclamations in every twist or turn

all the missing words I have never seen

for every moment lost in the past of time

and places marked along so I may return

not a well written one this story of mine.


Just a plain beginning with no fading light

to a soothing tune that would hold attention

not the rolling drums to mark with delight

the passing of years with music and wine

just the fading letters of my own pretension

and a poorly written this story of mine.


In the middle of all if we can’t stay awake

we rush to the end as the letters get blurred

with the lack of a twirl as I dance and I fake

all the ventures lived in the lines I can’t find,

existing in dreams with my soul slowly stirred

not at all written down in this story of mine.


H.O. 12/30/14

Once More


Once More

Not yet! So much to do, so much to see

be patient with your task and give me time

to dream again as dreams feed the soul

that you willingly take, so hear my plea

for another moment that I can call mine

like the many I had and life cruelly stole.


And as paper leaves mockingly fall

I ask for one more among all the years

that left such scars beneath all the chains,

to find just one instance either big or small

that’ll restore my faith and remove my fears

and then, come back and take what remains.

H.O. 12/29/14





I attempt to capture the words, enslave the phrases

in eternal rhymes dusted with sadness or joy

languages clashing in my cells fighting for expression

of love or amor while my fingers type with obsession

attempting to capture a moment I so much enjoy

a re-birth of my lengua with roots left in many places.


H.O. 12/19/14





Going back I get stuck in dark places

a bitter taste left from all the traces

of memories hiding behind mind walls

built to stand through life painful falls.

Would I tear down all my defenses

in search of relief from my offenses?

But relief does not comes from hiding

throughout the years of not deciding

when holding life within my hands

I locked away my dreams and wants

while life just passed and left me alone.

But how ironic to believe I was done

and now my sleep is just a nightmare

when to break my walls I cannot dare

and death the option that becomes

when can’t let go of all that comes

and rather stay in the dark places

and hide away behind pretenses.


H.O. 12/17/14





Closing my eyes I choose to be blind

to not see life as reflected in a mirror

but in a heartbeat of hope to find

truth hidden beneath the skin,

a blurred reality which I see clearer

with a smile and not the tears

found when not sure where to begin

and my life becomes full of fears.

I choose to not let your vanity

disrupt my journey through years

of slowly restoring my sanity,

so I close my eyes as to not see

a reflected life of what could be.


H.O. 12/15/14