Going back I get stuck in dark places

a bitter taste left from all the traces

of memories hiding behind mind walls

built to stand through life painful falls.

Would I tear down all my defenses

in search of relief from my offenses?

But relief does not comes from hiding

throughout the years of not deciding

when holding life within my hands

I locked away my dreams and wants

while life just passed and left me alone.

But how ironic to believe I was done

and now my sleep is just a nightmare

when to break my walls I cannot dare

and death the option that becomes

when can’t let go of all that comes

and rather stay in the dark places

and hide away behind pretenses.


H.O. 12/17/14


4 thoughts on “Conceal

  1. Hector, your poem is awesome my brother…you are gifted…in such a genuine way!

  2. Dana Renee says:

    So deeply moving and heartfelt, friend!!

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