A Story


A Story


Not a well written story mine has been

full of exclamations in every twist or turn

all the missing words I have never seen

for every moment lost in the past of time

and places marked along so I may return

not a well written one this story of mine.


Just a plain beginning with no fading light

to a soothing tune that would hold attention

not the rolling drums to mark with delight

the passing of years with music and wine

just the fading letters of my own pretension

and a poorly written this story of mine.


In the middle of all if we can’t stay awake

we rush to the end as the letters get blurred

with the lack of a twirl as I dance and I fake

all the ventures lived in the lines I can’t find,

existing in dreams with my soul slowly stirred

not at all written down in this story of mine.


H.O. 12/30/14


2 thoughts on “A Story

  1. Dana Renee says:

    Beautiful, my friend. Wishing you the very best as this year ends and a new one begins.

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