You become me and I become you

watching, waiting

for the approaching dawn.

You know me and you I knew

catching, begging

sparks of hope gone.


All becomes us and we become all

forming, transforming

in the pass of time.

All stays still within us I fall

forming, conforming

to this life of mine.


H.O. 2/11/15

A Story



A Story


“There is nothing left”– they said with sudden sadness

“He must have died quickly, his life was just madness”

“Alone in the vast blueness his soul will be tormented

for seeking forbidden places”– another one commented.

But none remember clearly the love he spread around

the smiles he freely gave before he left and drowned.

“His boat was old and weak!”– a sailor screamed aloud

“A fool he was to seek what wasn’t clearly allowed”

“The fools are standing here”– a girl with broken voice

stepped out into the crowd with tears clouding her eyes.

“You talk about this man but your words are full of lies

and here I stand right now to tell you what is right!”

A hush ran through the crowd when she spoke outright

and sensed within her voice a strength hard to resist.

“He was the kindest man that lived in our midst”

-with softness she declared “a gentle soul he was

the one to seek beyond and simply just because”

“His boat was built with strength in a beautiful design

with sails to catch the winds and leave it all behind”

The girl paused for a moment while looking out to sea

“But boats can only last and wouldn’t you all agree?”

“you see it broke apart during a storm on that night

pieces were all scattered while he was left in fright”

“Sometimes alone we are left”– she whispered to herself

and turning to the crowd “so judge him for yourself!”

-she hissed as all recoiled “when there is nothing more

what else a man can do? To understand I deplore”

-as she pointed to the water “he walked alone out there”

The girl wiped off her tears “so judge him if you dare!”

The crowd remained quiet looking at her with attention

“Oh there is one more thing I almost forgot to mention”

“When he walked into the sea I watched him for a while

and I swear I saw on his face the beginning of a smile”.


H.O. 2/6/15