With warm arms wrapped around

and kisses sealing eternity

in my aging mind I found

that yesterday becomes today

as I left you behind that day

and your tears flowed fervently.


With fresh dreams in my hands

you became my past

while looking at faraway lands

I walked far in search for more

of things I missed before

while you faded fast.


But dreams not always come true

and tired of running I came

to find what was left of you

without life while shedding tears

that flowed with all my fears

when left behind in shame.


Now I see her leave the same way

and I become her past

when yesterday becomes today

with fresh dreams in her hand

as I clearly see and understand

while I fade away so fast.


But dreams sometimes come true

and I hope for her do the same

maybe not for me or you

but for her as she walks away

when yesterday becomes today

and I let her go without shame.

H.O. March 10, 2015

It is amazing how we come to understand our past as our present slowly unravels. I left home at early age and my mother tried to hold on to me with tears of agony when she couldn’t let go. So hard to understand the love for a child until you have one of your own and to understand the pain of letting go of that child when we realize they are no longer a child and then it is our turn to let go. My daughter is doing the same and although she is not going too far I can still feel the empty space she’ll leave once she is gone. It is more about the space she occupies within me more than the empty room she leaves behind. I see myself in her with her dreams and thirst for life, thus the story repeat itself.






If I keep quiet for a while

would I disappear?

a light dust covering left

from the moments I was here

and my thoughts weaved words

out of nothing, when a smile

would precipitate dreams

in what now foolishly seems

unimportant, was it real?

maybe already gone

and my confused reality

intoxicated my senses.

I’ll keep quiet some

and play within pretenses

of what life should be

or I’ll disappear.

H.O. 3/3/15

 Sometimes life is like repeating a word over and over until it loses its meaning and sounds foolish. Reality can be deceiving when we spend too much time in our heads and the line between dreams and reality becomes deceiving. What is inside shall remain inside for the sake of sanity. Maybe.