Reality took a peek mocking my dreams

“ you dreamed for too long” I heard

while I refused to accept what seems

reality’s truth so I cut off my ears

and as everything became blurred

I saw signs posted everywhere

“wake up, wake up” it read

so I made myself blind

and to ignore all prepared

when I heard myself said

“what you seek will never find”

so in the midst of my craze

knife in hand I did not care

cutting my tongue, and as I bled

and slowly faded into my dreams

I heard the voice inside my head.








Do we become who we are

or simply hang somewhere

unfinished, unpolished for all to see

alone and unprepared

not knowing how to be free.


Do we complete who we are

or the pieces of us scattered

of our life puzzle missing parts

and simply bruised and shattered

one among other broken hearts.


Do we remain who we are

or fade into nothingness of death

with no heavens or hell

lost hope in our final breath

as we leave behind a broken shell.






Emotions drained

masturbatory obsessions

taking hold again

in such repetitious cycle

up and down, up and down

words without expressions

fake smiles of a clown

with every night a recycle

of ideas and dreams

that lead nowhere.

I miss the extremes

left behind somewhere

another time, another place

another me, another face.




If             (words become a game)


When the moon is full and bright, I sigh

wasted in my lonely soul its light.


When memories creep up at night, I cry

hidden in the shadows of the night.


When reality drags me down, I curse

alone in my dreams immersed.




I sigh in the light

cry at night

curse in dreams immersed


Then I turn to you for comfort, I smile

loving you becomes worthwhile.


Then I tell myself life is fair, I wait

knowing that happiness will be my fate.


Then look at possibilities within, I gleam

holding on to my reality and dreams.




A smile is worthwhile

To wait is my fate

I gleam within dreams.







Who are you in that faceless place

filled with letters and sentences

without skin and bones to define

the scars among words I find

as we become acquaintances

in the joy and pain we embrace.


Now transformed by what’s found

in between the lines I explored

searching for love and kindness,

I discovered in my blindness

that I’m not alone anymore

when to your heart I am bound.






Scraps are left for me to feed

lacking beauty in every stroke defined

between places full of grime

collected through my years

and only I can see.

No beautiful moon to bring tears

or tender songs to call mine

no love whispered in my ears

only empty spaces

and a cold bed.

No accusing faces

or committed crime

as I alone wept.

I tried I said, I tried

definition to chaos find

and to everything I said

but broken down I die

with scraps to feed my feeble mind.





I look for broken pieces

shreds of life left out there

within pain that breaking releases

and If I to become a light

then to let go you must dare.

An attraction I cannot fight

to such dark places I knew

when awake alone at night

I see myself within you

as I look for broken pieces.