Attracted by sadness I step closer to the edge for just a moment, a sudden craving for a taste of tears lingering with the memories of salty bittersweet.  It is not that I seek the solace of dark rooms and cloudy days nor do I crave the pain of being outcast from happiness and smiles. There is attraction in sadness reflected by a beautiful face, lost eyes searching for a non-existent reason, tears leaving a trail across solitary skin.


Sadness reflects such a deep emotion

deeper and deeper scraping away

underneath the skin of my very soul,

a reflected image of a part I stole

only for a while and to keep I may

if I find solace in such crazy notion.


Standing in shadows of such darkness

let me feel the pain you willingly share

within hasty words and in bitter tears,

I will not find comfort in your fears

but to step much closer I would dare

for a hidden taste of your sadness.



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