I will look no more

stripped of desire my dreams will dissolve

into a sewer of leftover ones

discarded by many,

and only to appear in places like this

where they will be stored

among electronic bits.

I will take a few, if the time comes

when thirsty for life

I may kindly devolve

the ones that exist

but only in my words

if any,

for I’ll look no more.






Ah! but how short lived this high

of words laced with emotions

seeking a fix title after title

with the soft feel of the keys

under my trembling fingers

while the rush of a moment lingers

after each rhyme my mind appease,

and in that moment I feel entitled

to believe this crazy notion

that words will help me fly.






Dreaming of perfect love an aging disillusion

with bitterness of trial hidden among wrinkles

created within rooms of a mind in seclusion,

no stars left to wish upon the brightest twinkle

when dreams become stale in a final conclusion.


And such part it plays this search of a lifetime

 our human nature mocking the reality of things

when there is no such love of perfectly sublime

if to soar and to fly may require to grow wings

which cannot acquire when we run out of time.






What we leave behind stays behind

some in shadows, some in light

pain or joy, some alike.

What we take has no essence

but the flavor of emotions

within ashes we may find,

it has no presence

in a road already written

and a path already drawn,

but we hold such silly notions

in the recess of our mind

that a story be rewritten

when we know the time is gone

and what’s gone stays behind.






If I wasn’t here

what would you do my dear?

Your guiding hand I became

first a father then a friend.

You defined love for me

as I defined stability and care

and if I wasn’t here

would you be prepared

to ignite the flame

that will guide your life

until the very end?


If I wasn’t here

would you remember me?

Old movies like hidden treasures

to be played alone

with no bitter tears,

for even when I’m gone

I’ll remain a light

for your life adventures

as you have been mine

for so many years.


And if I wasn’t here

my beautiful daughter

in my words you’ll find

everything I am

and I passed along

so you will understand

because you are my light

I won’t be alone.






I can hear a familiar tongue

in words escaping your mind

a distant memory of child dreams

left forgotten in sand castles.

I was then foolish and young

always looking for the extremes

until waves washed away

the castles I wish I could find

when my life became a hassle

and I live now day by day.


I will return to that place

in ashes within her hand

and with the water embrace

my castles left on the sand.






A stranger I am to my own

an afterimage of a reflection

deceived by poems and songs

of who I was, a clone

of my mind-self belongs

only to my own deception.


But none told of the impossibility

walking on clouds a skill

I sought with perfection

discovering my unique inability

to find happiness in my direction

and my empty glass fill.


And when I look up at the sky

I see droplets of crystals and water

instead of castles and giants

while the ground feels hard and dry

I’m no longer defiant

when dreams no longer matter.