My freedom was restrained by earthy needs

a disposable touch without goodbyes

not remembering the color of her eyes

or the taste of her lips for in passing

in strangers beds won’t wait for morning

when promises are only for keeps

in the sunlight of forever lasting.


My freedom was slowed by distractions

built in cages of crimson and gold

where stripped dreams bared and old

unwittingly flew without skies

blinded we become by empty kisses

and the flesh that excel such attractions

while freedom forgotten just dies.






A part of me lies already dead

within the cold housed by my aging skin

tattooed with the memories of passing years

                                           but sunrise is closer right ahead.

Hope to understand if just one time

to be assured that silence awaits

where darkness begin

                               ah but light is so sublime!

A breath of life forced by the fears

hidden in my eyes as she waits

to embrace the darkness within

                                                     but must not give in to such weakness.

Wasted time, too much without purpose

roads leading to recurring dreams

of what forever wrongly seems

frozen in the tongue like a sweetness

                                                and bitter clouds the eyes with tears.

I’m afraid, is it weakness to be afraid?

Reality weights too much to carry

and my brittle bones are decayed

                                                 oh but how fierce the desires I feed.

As I wait for the night I must be wary

of truth hidden in recurring dreams

for she waits in the darkness within.






If I to feed my soul should pray the Lord

I cannot do, I cannot pray

for what I lost or never had.

So much I’ve taken and so much adored

and when I tried I ran astray

and couldn’t keep what was then given

so when I turn my eyes away it makes me sad

to know for all won’t be forgiven.







A desperation to grasp what is left of my life

keeps me awake for fear of sleep

since sleep is like death every night.

I reach out to hold what pass me by

but memories become of my wingless flight

when awake and alone I desperately try

to keep away darkness praying for the light.