Where are you racing to passing me by?

Faster and faster with one destination

you are like shadows and able to fly

while I feel grounded to the very moment

and if I fly once I would do with death

taunting me with irony of self-damnation.

But you race along with a darkest omen

of what may come to be in a final breath.


Late last night I was riding back from Orlando and crossing one of the bridges over Tampa Bay I noticed shadows around. I was the only one on the bridge which has lights all over on tall posts along the railing. I was going very fast and the shadows were formed by the lights above. Multiple shadows mocking by passing faster around me and for a second there I realized that riding my motorcycle was taunting death and if I crashed as such speed it would be the only time in my life I get to fly for a few seconds. Not the best thoughts to have when I’m riding but the entire episode stuck in my mind.


4 thoughts on “Ride

  1. Love this! Please be careful, though! I remember being 17 on the back of a Ducati without a helmet. I was very foolish.. the speeds reached well over 100 Mph. I had similar thoughts about what would happen if we crashed. I never rode without a helmet again. Your words were perfect in this piece. ❤️

  2. MsTranquility says:

    This has such a dark feeling around it, lol…be safe out there, my dear! ♥

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