Once I come to the end of the road

when searching no longer becomes life

and lacking does not reflect absence of love

what do I do with myself?

Wasted time in fruitless search

brief moments of hope hanging above

swimming among stars a wish made

for someone to hold my heart.

But wishes with time fade

within the dying stars an afterlife

of love becomes a memory that breaks apart

with passing years.

Now at the end of the road

I find myself alone by fate

when lacking is no longer and absence of love

but a failure to look inside my own fears

and find within the love I searched for all these years.



11 thoughts on “Fini

  1. ajppobrien says:

    Excellent. A wonderful poem.

  2. Hector, love, love this! I needed this tonight. Thank you.. Thank you. It’s been a difficult day for me. This is beautiful.
    You’re very talented. Thank you. : )

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