Sometimes I feel shorter and smaller with eyes casted down

unable to equally measure the who and what I am,

trapped in the twisted reflection found

on the blurred stained mirrors in my mind.


Sometimes in the company of friends I find

my shortcomings written all over my hands

and I hide from them and pretend to be a man

full of wisdom and pride with a confident mind

while inside I just know no one understands.


Sometimes in the midst of beauty and youth

I feel left behind, unattractive and old

and I cast my eyes down with the pain of my truth

giving up all my hopes, wishes and dreams.


Sometimes, just sometimes life is hard as it seems

but I know deep inside with the knowledge I hold

that the twisted ideas that I sadly behold

are no more than my thoughts

holding on to the extremes.




2 thoughts on “Twisted

  1. Hector, this is so powerful. You’ve written beautifully how so many people feel. I know I feel like this all the time. I’ve never been able to write it down. You’re amazing. You’re more than enough. I think you’re spectacular. : )

    • Hector says:

      Wow, such compliments! Sometimes these thoughts need to come out and I’m glad you understand them. Enjoy your week end Carisa and smile a lot. It makes the sun brighter 🙂

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