The Curse


The Curse


I live my life in between twenty-eight days

when everything I am disappears in a daze

 vicious cycle in the cursed transformation

that makes living my life pure damnation.


Oh how I dread that night of full moon

with silver the only fear I’m not immune

when nothing else would take my life

bullets will not do neither a sharp knife.


But pain I feel in every bone and in my skin

with silver light transforming all within

and howl I must when I feel a call of wild

with every cell into a new life compiled.


Run, I run through woods away from all

escaping the insanity of a need to maul

beating flesh for a sweet taste of blood

while trashing though the grass and mud.


There is no end to this cursed existence

and with every life I take without resistance

I curse myself into another night of hell

hoping for a silver bullet to end the spell.



2 thoughts on “The Curse

  1. ladykat321 says:

    Great Halloween Poem. +smiles+

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