I’ll drown myself into this life-

Gin, Vodka or sweet red

music loud enough to wake the dead

and make me deaf to my own heart.

New toys I’ll ride at night

a solo seat will not feel right

but with my eyes set right ahead

I won’t pay mind,

into this life I’ll drown myself.



(Got my new bike)

Walk Alone


Walk Alone


Will I have the courage for my life sustain

if my hope grows thin and the sunsets fear?

Let me walk alone when I’m set and done-

Would you hold me dear?

Whisper me some courage so I may begin

sing me a lullaby with the softest voice

when I go to sleep so I may rejoice

in my final moment, let me entertain

an eternal life if my hope grows thin

then I’ll walk alone when I’m set and done-




“He who doesn’t fear death dies only once.” ~Giovanni Falcone