Life Hope Love


There is a center of life in the palm of my hand

where I held many dreams

with my fingers recounting everything ever want.

And I see beneath skin in the red of the streams

all the reasons to smile

and the things to revile

for my life I will hold in the palm of my hand.


There is a center of hope in the brown of my eyes

where I saw all my dreams

in the blueness reflected from the wide open skies.

And in freedom I found I could spread open wings

with a reason to fly

or to whittle and die

for my hope I will hold in the brown of my eyes.


There is a center of love in the midst of my heart

where I grew all my dreams

in a heartbeat of lovers that one day broke me apart.

And in loss I found life that was lost in the extremes

with a reason to go

and desire to grow

for the love I will hold in the midst of my heart.



March 15, 2016

True Destination


– True Destination-


Life was a series of ports where anchored a while

winds beckoning my sails to spread across the sea

and fight the waves alone, for alone I will be-

At the end of my time blurry dreams are defiled

by the lack of success and the absence of love

as defined by my heart, but my heart was confused

when was tenderly used and returned slightly bruised.

And I searched for a meaning from below to above

for the answers to life while the sails turned all frayed

when the waters got deep and I sailed desolation

with no port in horizon while alone and afraid

I discovered that life is the true destination.







Death waits in life’s corners hidden

with arms embracing a relief of pain,

the end of our story already written

and we wait but won’t wait in vain.

But what is death to those alive?

Memories like pictures stored away

as holding on to our days we strive

lost in fears with each passing day.

She took her but not without asking

half gone already and was lost.

Now left behind you follow a trail

of despair leaving you weak and frail

and while her pain is past and gone

in her death you’ll find a new dawn.