One last look, the fading of dreams come morning

dissipates in the light where shadows forming

at night bring fears- not enough time to learn

the meaning, things past, holding on to the yearn

of new love, and a touch, and a kiss, and goodbyes.

One last look, understanding the truth behind lies

reflected an image conceived in the darkness

for in blindness, closed eyes can bring sharpness

to the heart, to the mind of a tired old soul.

Once was young, now I’m old, sometimes cold

wraps the heart stripping hope for new day

when my dreams slowly fade and won’t stay.

One last look, for the love always hide in plain sight

blindness set on a distance, nights incite,

lost in dreams dissipating in light.







Like invisible ink slowly disappearing self

a life fading into a nothingness of existence

I become a thought, an idea of nonexistence.

Will you look at me and see what’s within

scribbled years of thirsty ideas of myself?

For I cannot seem to define where I begin

lost I am when through your eyes I became

and blind to a self stuck behind on your skin

I fade away in nothing left there to reclaim.