Painted Mirrors


Painted Mirrors


Oh reflections of doomed, bodies rot

while adverting the eyes

and the lies, and the lies

Grant me freedom gods of lure

from the chains of desires!

Let me look past the mirrors,

past the flesh and endure

for a while,

time forgot

and left me back with the liars

that reflected the lies,

was it me? I am guilty of much more

and was guilty before

in the mirrors, in the mirrors.


Love, Time, Life



Love, Time, Life


I cannot describe love, for I get it wrong,

words lose meaning on my twisted tongue

translation lost between heart and mouth

and seem to get lost, was it north or south?

I cannot describe time, for I lose the sense,

days merge into years becoming past tense

years merge into nothing and cannot recall

if I was there once or if I was there at all.

I cannot describe life, for I can’t understand

if I’m here and why when I hang by a strand

that sustains a heartbeat, and I cannot define

in a word what is life without love and time-







Underneath the sound of your words and voice

a hint of hope mixed in the sadness revealed-

I want to touch your anguish, taste the pain

saltiness mixed in the tears, if I had a choice

I would stay warm under your quiet tongue

and taste the words pouring out like the rain

from clouds formed in your mind endeared-

I live through you, all of me already went

I love through you, all of me already spent.






Don’t you see? I’m done, fini, no more of this or that

of chasing dreams or chased in dreams –we call nightmares.

I’m done rehearsing for a dance that danced away

and left me undone – nobody cares

if rainbows shine after the rain,

if clouds have shapes or trees do sway

with tunes we ignore – since deaf we are.

I’m done with love that hides away

the wasted times in search for more

and always wanting to return – what was before

for nothing matters, nothing stay-

I’m done with all, with this or that

with many things I tried to be

but not with life or life with me.






Is that what I am?

 A passing shadow high above

that leaves no mark and take no space-

So brief this moment which I dwell

a loving heart, a stranger’s face

the wings I had before I fell.

And what I was? I now may ask-

A gentle soul with dreams entwined

that lost its way time after time,

a tired man, a broken mask

of who or what left undefined-








If I had you not, lost would be-

Roots left rotting in a liquid past

fed by fears, my beginning

touched by the same sea

my end will taste as fast

as the clock mark years.

If you were not, gone would be-

How far does not matter

if gone, where would I be

does not matter, if far,

heart of my heart

for thirsty lips water

you became, and you are.








In my death

flowers bloom, ashes fly

my intentions undone, life not gone

but transformed,

not to miss, not to cry.

Nothing lost, a new dawn

of unknowns, a new place

without flesh, with no face.

In my death

time will pass, love persist

with no grave, mind exist

between worlds,

life just turns, turns and twist

while I’m gone,

nothing lost, a new dawn-



Who am I?


Who am I?


Redundant shell of captive dreams

entangled spells of love and wine.

Self-proclaimed jailer of fear

truth not found or defined

in earthy roads I’ve taken.

I live but not awaken

I look but cannot see

I listen but cannot hear

I am but I cannot be-