Find Again


Find Again

I stayed there, a part of me remains

waiting to resume upon my return,

if I return, for what if the road ends

leading back at the very turn

I took when I left, blood in my veins

frozen over distant lands

where I became deaf and blind.

There among cheers between friends

a part of me remains,

we always leave something behind-



3 thoughts on “Find Again

  1. Geetha B says:

    Beautiful words Hector. Yes we always leave something behind but it is not necessarily a bad thing to do so unless you feel fragmented

    • Hector says:

      not a bad thing but sometimes a continuation from where we left off

      • Geetha B says:

        Unfinished things are probably what nag at our minds most. I sometimes believe that we continue something that we would rather not be involved in simply because we cannot handle the pressure of the unfinished 🙂

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