Dust Covered


Dust Covered


Won’t let old things gather around

covered in dust, forgotten by playful hands.

New every morning I leave behind the wants

when unfulfilled become old and stale

with the smell of failure I found

in the passing of time, empty time

marked by each inhale of life we hold

until no more, with each exhale

we learn to leave it behind.



Nikon F90n / Kodak Tmax 400 / Kodak D-76



Mundane, I said and out of my element

but I learned to swim in rivers unknown,

does that makes me better?

I cannot return to the place I’m from

I cannot proceed if I don’t belong

and can only do imitated greatness,

does that makes me better?

If I close my eyes in the darkness find

maps to follow blind,

maybe a place like none

where I may belong,

will that make me better?






Piece by piece we come together

parts barely fitting with smooth edges,

hard to fit between the wedges

of tight closed fingers-

And life goes on, desire lingers

while weaving dreams that fell apart,

but piece by piece with ever part

we fit together we become clear,

year after year

a picture forms that we can see

a part of you, a part of me.

And every piece we place and match

in between love and pain we catch

a glimpse of heavens, if one last piece

with grace attach

to finish all in resting peace-






I though reserved was love for each

somewhere kept easy to reach

at the right time-

I thought by right it would be mine

by asking once or twice

only to find there is a price

for letting go, to be alone

in sadness sown

while life shall pass

and love bypass-

I’ve learned that dreams

weaved in the dark will never gleam

and verses forged with greatest pain

will not retain

in every line the emotions bared,

and learned that life will not forgive

but always give,

only if we dared-






When does life ends? The final breath

the last heartbeat-

But what is life if we are not living?

If death is then the lack of breathing

does it define when we are alive?

The lack of love, to be alone

and not to feel every sunrise,

the passion gone

with blind defeat,

isn’t then life the same as death?


Love or Loss

life quote

Love or Loss

Is not love but loss that breaks a heart

the passing lives that leave their mark

the empty space in which we dwell

when castles built will break apart

and someone else will say farewell.


They leave behind from love a taste

when lives depart in such a haste

and keep us lost in empty rooms

we fill with ghosts later embraced

to walk alone among the tombs.


It’s what we lost that stains the soul

and does not fade when we get old

but sticks to skin so frail and scarred,

when love can make two parts a whole

 not love but loss will break a heart.