We shall fear death to stay alive

and face the shadows to see the light-

As pain brings peace,

nor wrong or right

we twist our senses,

to live our lives with such pretenses

in restless minds our soul to appease

when facing death we learn to live.


Last Part


Last Part


Not finished, but a part of me just gone,

left behind in many places

pieces scattered, broken traces

of who I was, a beginning of an end

as I dream of life foregone.

I am not finished but sometimes

I can see far in the distance

how my life in just one instance

disappears around the bend.

And the game in the last quarter

will be played until it defines

if all the traces left behind

either saves me or condemn.






What shall I do with all this freedom?

Time set between sunrise and sunset

and what I want and what could get

without leftover worries or obligations

unraveling a life with simplifications

for nothing I must do unless I choose,

nothing left to pay with years past due

if only one to love twenty four seven,

I can stretch around in my own heaven

and be the person I wanted to become

while madness around possessing some

when the only challenge to overcome

is what shall I do with all my freedom?


Heaven’s Dreams


Heaven’s Dreams


I wonder if in death we take dreams

somewhere in our cells scattered loose

through the years, dreams we choose

to feed our souls and become a light,

and maybe in death to shine the way

by dreams we take to eternal night

and shape a heavens that we pray

becomes in death a life of dreams.