Four Lives


Four Lives


Where does life go with turns and bends?

Twisted road we follow searching

unknown shores until everything ends,

among ruins we rise again and again

becoming anew in between lives.

1st Life

The beginning of an end nowhere on sight

immortality with every sunrise

when death a curiosity only at night

bringing fears we didn’t understand

while life went on as we planned.


First love, the one to remember

with a kiss stolen between heartbeats,

disillusions found in tears, defeats

learned to let go of what was mine

when bounded I was to surrender

my life to the passing of time.

2nd Life

New horizons tempting my hidden fears

unable to understand the sound

of new sights, strange world found

in the cruelty of my skin, blind no more

to the innocence of life I found tears

stained dreams, not a child anymore.

3rd Life

And I found my seeds planted deep

bearing fruit in gardens left unattended,

vines crawling everywhere, pretended

intentions kept out of the warm in my heart-

We grew cold, kisses became cheap

and I let life pass for another start.

4th Life

Freedom will find its way on distant shores

driven by new dreams of mortality,

accepting the lacking found in my reality

I will walk into my sunset and transcend

my bones and skin to open doors

engraved with the words,

The End



One thought on “Four Lives

  1. Geetha B says:

    Lovely Hector but let’s not draw the curtain down yet 😉

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