Human ~ Nature


It hurts my ears, the constant noise

“but waves a soothing sound”

the get and go of every day

among the crowds

“when skies are full of clouds”

It hurts my eyes, the concrete wall

“while oceans go forever”

lights on screens, connected webs

as blindness spreads

“and stars so far and bright”

It hurts my heart that trees do fall

and mountains burn

that nature ends with our birth

“while birds will sing and trees will dance

for mother earth”


Cost of Dreaming


Cost of Dreaming


You are best wrapped in pain and sadness

feeding the wolves of solace-

Liquefied comfort satisfy your madness

and self-imposed alienation

for a moment, pouring emotions

into a half-empty glass.

But there is no other way to this impasse

thus bittersweet damnation.

Another night lost in stagnation

loving fiercely what you had before

and lost,

when impervious to the cost

you wrap yourself in pain and sadness-


Love More, Worry Less



Love More, Worry Less


Our worries consuming lives

intermissions of love in our daily play,

not enough love, too much worry,

too late at times to say sorry-

Sorry I wasted my life lost in lies

of being, on my way lost.

Sorry I let you go way back

when I ran stray.

Sorry I didn’t know the cost

of loving and letting go.

Sorry for years gone

past my door.

But there is no right or wrong

sorry does not mean we owe

a life of perdition,

so worry less and love more-






In young death we live forever-

Time stripping dreams from aging flesh never

as never footprints to fade on paper roads

we traveled,

while life slowly unraveled

into a short lived story condemned

to an existence of words we penned.

And age turn emotions into regrets

when love carelessly forgets

to stop by and stay.

So we die young to keep sins at bay

hidden in rhymes written in haste,

for years past youth become waste

if dead poets live forever-


Dancing in the Rain


Dancing in the Rain


What awaits such delights choosing well

among choices we have to dispel,

choosing life for what it is, not what could,

deep inside must we learn it is good

and enjoy every taste, every smell-


Bucket lists won’t exist if we are done

as we erase or we take, then add some

until hearts learn to beat every morning

and not wasting a gift with conforming

with a little of something or just none.


So I say let’s forget all the misery and pain

and choose life as the goal to attain,

why must wait for the storm just to pass

when we can all the happiness have

if we learn how to dance in the rain.






Wrapped in the indifference of a day

I claim myself and I alone,

misery here won’t find a home

nor will love or care

for I give up being part of this play.

Let me infuse my eyes with the blue

reflected in the corners of my soul

when quietly I’ll become old

and fade as quietly as I dare.






Time frozen, a knock on my door,

a stranger weary and weak,

asking, “have you ever seen a life

like the one I had before? Way before

my need to search, my need to have,

back then my life unique”

-he softly said showing the path,

“with pain and anguish on this path I strived”

-repeated twice and looked away.

“I know, I know for scars I wear”

I quickly added, “it’s so unfair”

The stranger paused “I’ll find my way”

-he sadly said “and search some more”.