In young death we live forever-

Time stripping dreams from aging flesh never

as never footprints to fade on paper roads

we traveled,

while life slowly unraveled

into a short lived story condemned

to an existence of words we penned.

And age turn emotions into regrets

when love carelessly forgets

to stop by and stay.

So we die young to keep sins at bay

hidden in rhymes written in haste,

for years past youth become waste

if dead poets live forever-




3 thoughts on “Forever

  1. Hector, “Forever” is another amazing poem. I am completely captivated with the very first line, “In young death we live forever-“. Gosh, that’s so true, and can be taken in so many directions, a wonderful line. Just a note, I read this aloud, it reads beautifully! Wishing you an terrific rest of your Wednesday. ~ Mia

    • Hector says:

      Mia you are spoiling me with such wonderful comments. I was inspired after reading a beautiful poem by Sylvia Plath and knowing she died at age of 31. Thank you Mia and my Wednesday was a good day. Actually most of my days are good days šŸ™‚

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