If I was to die

quietly alone

fade from memories

quietly as well

tip toeing quietly through life

footprints quietly unknown,

was I ever there?

Would the place I fell

through the ages bear

any signs of me?

When my face with time

quietly disappear

was I ever real?

If I was to die quietly alone

would my death reveal

once I was alive?

or like a tree that falls

with no one to hear

was I ever here?




9 thoughts on “Quietly

  1. Geetha B says:

    Beautiful poetry. I love the opening picture with the Cheshire cat πŸ™‚

  2. Hector, wonderful and thought-provoking poem. I really like the image you selected. Yay for different. After reading your work the first thing that came to mind was the following quote,

    β€œI doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am.” ― RenΓ© Descartes

    Have a great evening. ~ Mia

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