I ambled along the edge of my days

Patience is a virtue they say if you know how to wait

but my life written past compromising my fate

burning light in a waste of a daze

served a master in memories graze.


But so hard to let go of the passing of life

Time’s a cruel thief they say but none has been taken

when I gave it away or it was most forsaken

clenching strong to the edge of a knife

thus neglecting to keep ‘self alive.


And what I seek if a master of winds

Life to be lived not controlled they say but I yank

and I push while I gulped and I drank

dragging stories behind with a glimpse

of my life just one set of footprints.


So I drift on these places that passed

Renew, release and let go they say while you can

does not matter where all things began

while I question how long all will last

living life between present and past-


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

― Søren Kierkegaard


3 thoughts on “Confluence

  1. Hi Hector, a very thought-provoking poem, wonderfully written. I like all the questions implied. You words leave with my own questions, how important are the things that come to pass, and why is it in our nature to hang on to these things? You’ve selected a terrific quote, so true. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. ~ Mia

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