Sometimes I peel off fantasies

one by one, rip them slow,

left naked under cold flesh

where shades of truth will show-

Often trapped in reality streams

flowing, flowing in never ending days-

Oh what life becomes!

But to heal, to refresh,

sometimes I must

wake the lasting haze

of dreams-


β€œIn all of us, even in good men, there is a lawless wild-beast nature, which peers out in sleep.”

― Socrates





Confidence in a shell bound to earth

my spirit trust the vessel, strong, pliable

like a branch daring the passing storms-

But unseen the smallest killers, undeniable,

suffocating my forced breaths for relief

from a pain and misery which turns

restless dreams into feverish nightmares-

It all shall pass… attempts to believe

this stronghold will suffice

for the passing of another storm-


I’ve been sick for the last five days. Last night fever took hold until breaking off around 3 AM. I feel better today and nervous since I have a seven day trip to Fiji starting in the 15th and I can’t scuba unless I can clear my lungs and head before then. I usually don’t get sick at all, very strong immune system and I take good care of my body so timing really sucked.