The Fade of Things


The Fade of Things


My skin does not reflect the light,

colors lost in the grayish setting of this day

as I walk among forgotten flowers.

Was there an answer to those dreams?

The water soiled with copper coins it seems

to keep and give us change in wishes gone,

and there are no answers, we bind ourselves

to things that were, the ones that stayed

for we don’t know from hereon

how to walk straight, spreading wings

that never known how far to fly.

Then look again, for I’m still here

among those long-forgotten flowers

with vibrant colors that fade away,

and If I once my presence known

I’m bound to slowly disappear-


June 22, 2019

“We are nothing but shadows

Fading away

Trying to hold on to

This bittersweet life

That we call our own…”

― Ricky Mears

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