How I am Inside


How I am Inside


If I looked like I am in my mind

you would carefully find

the fierce colors of sunset

as reflects on the waves.

And my skin like in summer

would resemble the rays

 of a bright morning sun.

If I looked like I am in my soul

you would think all the fun

in the laughter of children

lingers under my tongue.

And the shade of my eyes

would be blue like the skies

if I looked like I am

in my soul and my mind.


June 30, 2020

“Inside each of us are memories, fantasies and desires for home – a shelter waiting to be built, a place of peace to be revisited.”
― Louisa Thomsen Brits

Restless Soul


Restless Soul


Oh my spirit and mind

would you follow my skin

and in turn follow time?

Be the calm after storms

and the coolness of night,

with a soft placid swing

dance along by the light.

Let the restlessness go

my dear spirit and mind

for I yearn to be in tune

with the passing of time.


May 18, 2020

“Dreams and restless thoughts came flowing to him from the river, from the twinkling stars at night, from the sun’s melting rays. Dreams and a restlessness of the soul came to him.”

― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

How I’m Lost


How I’m Lost


If I could see myself lost,

In the rush of a cascading life

how I grieve

what no longer withstand.

We lose things and we are dammed

to repeat our faults

when we are lost,

in the rush of a cascading life-


June 9, 2020

“What’s the point of wandering?

to find a better place?

a home?

But the loneliness will always capture me

in its claws

of no tomorrow”

― Asper Blurry, Train to the Edge of the Moon