Ships on The Horizon

Sitting by the water shifting through the sand
with my sunburned toes
I no longer wait for ships on the horizon
when my life just goes
slowly with the tide under bluest skies.
No rush to meet mornings with my sleepy eyes
if the rooster’s call will declare sunrise
and a cup of java brewing in the kitchen
let me know its time, 
time seized in my hand
when no longer wait for ships on the horizon
with my sunburned toes
sitting by the water shifting though the sand.



I keep falling through clouds

stepping on stones

cutting my dreams

bleeding desires.

I keep soothing my scars

licking my wounds

looking for stars

lighting dead fires.



How easy my soul
but clumsy my mind,
my tongue tastes
the sweetness of wine.
And drowning mistakes
I let late night become
a loss of emotions
or least drunken numb
for there is no place
when tired and old
where dreams go to rest,
but that was I told
that life easy goes
like sweet bitter wine
my soul will compose
when clumsy my mind.


An enemy of time,
thought I was drifting but running fast
so many things trailing behind.
And fast my days with every sunset
I left my doings for tomorrow,
such faith I have for foolish dreams
I sell and borrow.